About Us

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality in customized medications and the best delivery services for our patients.


GPS is a compounding and palliative care pharmacy and a pround member of PCCA, offering the highest quality powders and bases to our patients.  Specializing in BHRT, veterinary, dermatologic, wound, palliative care, and much more. GPS Pharmacy is a premier home delivery pharmacy. We strive to provide excellence in patience care through immediate delivery and availability to our  patients .

GPS specializes in palliative care and is dedicated to servicing hospice patients. GPS recognizes that the current retail pharmacy industry is not structured to meet the needs of hospice patients.

What we do for our Hospices

We understand the work involved in caring for a hospice patient and do not believe that nurses, patients, or their family members need to spend any time obtaining medication at pharmacies, we have our drivers come to you.

– We employ our own drivers to allow for delivery 24 hours per day. As many times per day as you need it.
We understand that hospice care is not a 9-5 job, that’s why we have a pharmacist available to you 24 hours per day to fill orders, offer medication consultation, dosing advice, pain conversions, wound care options, and auxiliary support.

-Your nurses can call with drug questions or delivery orders as many times a day as they need to, 24 hours/day.

-We offer cost effective compounds that increase comfort.
We understand the difficulties some patients experience taking oral medications.

-We come to your team meets to offer advice and support
We want to be involved in helping you reduce costs while maintaining excellent patient care.

-We offer e-scribing on CII’s, MD’s can e-scribe CII’s from their phone.
We make ordering controlled medications easy for your physicians.

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