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Women's Health

Women's health prescriptions range from hormone replacement therapy, infertility, sexual health, to hair regrowth, weight loss and aesthetics. Every woman should feel great at any age. We work with women's health clinics and have pharmacist consultants on site who specialize in women's health with up to date studies on ageing, infertility, menopause, and much more. Our hormone products are free of fillers, preservatives, allergens, and dyes. Feel as good about your products as you do about your health.

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Men's Health

Men's health prescriptions range from hormone replacement therapy, erectile dysfunction, sexual health, hair restoration solutions, growth hormone therapy, weight loss, and much more. Our sexual health products are compounded to provide faster onset and better results than traditional therapies. Our doses are individualized to each male, providing maximum benefits.

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Sterile Compounding

GPS sterile compounding labs specialize in ophthalmics, PCA pumps, sexual health, womens and mens hormone replacement injections, vitamin IV therapy, investigational drugs and much more. Our USP <797> and <800> facilities uphold the highest standards of the United States Pharmacopeia. As a PCCA certified pharmacy our ingredients provide the highest grade and purest forms for each compounded product.

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Sterile compounding
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Veterinary compounding for your pet begins with a custom prescription to meet each species’ needs. We specialize in canine, feline, reptile, avian, and exotic species. Our formulations are designed to offer your pet a tasty treat filled with the medications prescribed to them by your veterinarian. Tiny chews, flavored liquids, transdermal creams, wound puffers, and much more. We specialize in preparations free of proteins and other allergens for our sensitive patients or those on specific diets.

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GPS specializes in providing patients with skin and hair restoration solutions and compounds for aesthetic procedures. We have bases specifically designed for lasers, PRP procedures, Vampire facials, hair removal, and plastic surgery procedures. We specialize in custom creams for skin regeneration, turnover and tightening, working with estriols, retinols, hyaluronic acid and more.

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The Leading Specialty Compounding Pharmacy in Matthews, North Carolina

GPS Pharmacy is a specialty compounding pharmacy offers same-day delivery service to the Matthews, North Carolina area, South Carolina, and beyond. As your local custom compounding pharmacy, we offer a concierge delivery service for your compounded medications. We are a BHRT pharmacy, veterinary compounding pharmacy, and multi-specialty pharmacy that specializes in capsules, suppositories, fast absorbing creams, concentrated and flavored solutions, prefilled syringes, and other custom dosage forms.

Custom Compounding Pharmacy Services Fit to Your Needs

A pharmacy that produces compounded medication serves patients who need drugs that fall outside of commercially-available products. GPS Pharmacy Solutions offers a full range of pharmacy specialties to ensure that all types of patients (both human and pets) can receive the precise medicine they need. These services are especially useful for patients who have allergies, who need a customized prescription, or who need medicine that is not commercially available. With this approach, you know exactly what is going into your prescription and can rest easy knowing that the medication has been created specifically for you and exactly to your unique requirements.

We believe in a custom approach to health care as opposed to one-size-fits all. The first step is giving us a call so that we can review your specific needs. A member our team will advise on the best approach and can also answer any health-related questions that you may have to ensure you understand exactly how to take your prescription and exactly what is inside your medication. If any questions come up during your treatment, a certified pharmacist is just a phone call away.

The Local Compounding Pharmacy That Delivers to the Matthews Area

Our pharmacy system is set up so that you can receive your medication the same day you place your order. The best part? You can place your order and receive your meds from the comfort of your own home. Our pharmacists are e-scribing certified so we can deliver your prefilled syringes, retail meds, comfort kits, dosage forms, capsules, suppositories, and fast absorbing creams quickly and discreetly.

Whatever your health needs, we have you covered:

BHRT Pharmacy Services (Bioidentical Hormone Replacement therapy)

  • Capsules
  • Topical or vaginal creams, gels, and foams
  • Suppositories
  • Troches
  • Sublingual drops


  • Multi drug creams
  • Neuropathic pain, tendonitis, osteoarthritis, plantar fasciitis, and more

Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy services

  • Flavored liquid
  • Flavored treats
  • Creams/Gels for the inner ear
  • Sprays/Creams for paws

Hospice Compounding

  • Multi Drug Capsules
  • Suppositories
  • Concentrated topical gels/creams/sprays
  • Concentrated Solutions
  • Wound washes
  • Wound bandages
  • Nasal sprays

Wound Care

  • We have a wound specialist available on site to create custom formulations to eliminate infection and stimulate closure of ulcers.

Don’t see your medication on this list? Don’t fret, we can create a custom solution. Call now to speak with our team about your specific situation!

The One-Stop-Shop for All of Your Health Needs!

No need to shop around for all of your health and beauty needs. Our online shop has you totally covered. If you or a loved one is in need of hospice care, review our approach to hospice medication shop. We make the difficult process of end of life care as smooth and painless as possible. Be sure to also ask about our personalized hospice comfort kit that is made custom to each patient’s requirements.

In need of other health and wellness products? Take a look at our extensive product offerings here:

Don’t see your health or wellness products in our shops? Give us a call and we can sort out a custom solution! And remember, when you order online or over the phone, your delivery is free!