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GPS Pharmacy is a sterile compounding pharmacy in Charlotte that provides compounded sterile pharmaceutical preparations to meet your individual needs. GPS sterile compounding labs specialize in ophthalmic, PCA pumps, sexual health, women’s and men’s hormone replacement, vitamin IV therapy, investigational drugs, and much more!

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What Is Sterile Compounding?

Sterile compounding is the process where highly trained pharmacists use sterile products, in a sterile (clean) room to create sterile medications. These types of customized sterile medications cannot be bought at regular pharmacies or over-the-counter stores. The state of the environment in which sterile compounded medications are manufactured comply with the FDA’s Compliance Policy Guides. The compounding procedures guarantee that the environment is free from infectious microorganisms, bacteria, and viruses.

The sterile compounding process is used to create compounded medications administered through either IVs, injections, or directly into a patient’s eyes. Non-sterile compounding, on the other hand, does not require the same level of regulations and compliance and does not have to be created in a sterile clean room.

Creating these sterile medications by sterile compounding pharmacies requires that experienced compounding pharmacists follow strict regulations and procedures set out in the United States Pharmacopeia Convention chapter 797:

Proper cleaning of all personnel and all clothing components by wearing personal protective equipment to cover eyes, hands, head, nose, and mouth.

To ensure sterility of the environment, a sterile compounding pharmacy needs to use a compound hood that prevents any bacteria and microorganisms from entering the workspace.

The licensed pharmacist is responsible for sterilizing all equipment used to create customized sterile prescriptions. These may include beakers, trays, flasks, syringes, scales, etc.

Our Sterile Compounding Services

Our USP <795>, <797>, and <800> certified labs uphold the highest regulatory standards set by the United States Pharmacopeia, boards of pharmacy, and the pharmacy compounding accreditation board. Our certified pharmacy staff and specialty pharmacy technicians have compounding certificates to meet all of your, your patients’ and pets’ sterile compounded medication needs. Our employees follow a safety-first approach outlined by the Professional Compounding Centers of America guidelines.

As a PCCA-certified sterile compounding pharmacy in Charlotte, our ingredients are of the highest grade to bring you the highest quality compounded sterile preparations. Review our sterile compounding services below or call us at 980-245-2028 to discuss your customized sterile prescription needs

Injectable Medications

B-Complex, B12 injections, Cyanocobalamin, Hydroxocobalamin, Methylcobalamin, Testosterone Injections, TRIMIX injections, ED injections

IV Therapy

Clinical Trial Compounding, FDA Shortage Compounding

Men’s Erectile Dysfunction

BiMix (Papaverine / Phentolamine), TriMix (Papaverine / Phentolamine / Prostaglandin), QuadMix (Papaverine / Phentolamine / Prostaglandin / Atropine)

Men’s Hormone Replacement Therapy


Ophthalmic Human Drops and Ointments

Autologous Serum Eye Drops, Cyclosporine, Tacrolimus

Ophthalmic Veterinary Drops and Ointments

Chloramphenicol, Cyclosporin, Tacrolimus

Veterinary Otic Ear Packs

Betamethasone dipropionate, Chloramphenicol, Enrofloxacin, Ketoconazole, Mupirocin Triamcinolone

Women’s Hormone Replacement Therapy

Estradiol, Testosterone