GPS is a full service hospice pharmacy.

Home Delivery

GPS drivers dispatch from our pharmacy immediately to the patients home.
Delivery options include STAT, same day, and next day.
Deliveries to the patient as many timer per day as the nurse needs it.

Complementary 24/7 Pharmacist Care

GPS recognizes that hospice is not a 9-6 business, and that is why we never close.
Call us 24 hours per day, 365 days a year, we are always here for you!


GPS recognizes the difficulties some patients have taking their medications. All of our compounds are available same day.
We compound:
Fast absorbing creams to rub on wrist
Concentrated and flavored solutions- to reduce the dose amount for the patient
Suppositories and more.

Team Meets

We send a pharmacist to your team meets to offer drug advice, advice on cost savings, pain conversion, and to answer any questions your team has. We have a personal relationship with our hospices, as we believe this is necessary in order to provide an excellent service.

Prefilled Syringes- We can prefill anything your patient needs in order to make it easier for them.
Blister Packs- We can blister pack any medications you choose.
E-Scribing- we offer E-Scribing on CII’s, your MD’s can send us scripts from their phone.
CE’s for your staff
Comfort kits We can create a custom C-Kit for your hospice.

Retail Meds
We can also supply your patient with their non-hospice covered meds. We can bill their private pay and send their non-hospice covered meds as well.