Medication Access

We deliver more than medications and clinical support, we deliver care.

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Clinical Support

From formulary customization, medication consulting, wound management, IDG’s and more, our pharmacists become a part of your team.

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Best in Industry Pricing

If you find lower pricing, we will match it. We are here to offer the best pricing nationwide.

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Infusion Therapy

We deliver pumps to your patients, we compound the medications needed, we provide 24/7 emergency pump line consultants, and provide pump pick ups.

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Infusion therapy
Hospice compounding & wound management

Hospice Compounding & Wound Management

We own and operate our own compounding labs, making all of your compound needs attainable.

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PBM Solutions with PDCRx

Real time solutions for EMR integration, Reporting & Analytics, Regulatory Compliance, Continuing Education, and E-prescribing.

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PBM solutions with PDCRx

Mindful Hospice Medications and Care

Going through or watching someone transition into hospice can be a very difficult transition. Having the proper care and hospice medications are key to pain management and to making this transition as smooth as possible. GPS Pharmacy is the local delivery pharmacy that brings all common hospice medications directly to our patients’ doors.

Our Approach to Hospice Care

GPS Pharmacy specializes in providing quality care for hospice patients. We bring your or your loved one’s medications right to you. As a comfort care hospice pharmacy, we are here to provide the medications needed for each patient’s specific terminal illness and guide patients along symptom management during end of life care. Our certified pharmacists are always just a phone call away to ensure that if you or your loved one needs immediate care or assistance, we are there!

We also provide hospice comfort kits and hospice medication kits for placement in each home. We make each kit custom to each patient’s needs. These kits include common medications related to hospice diagnosis and treatment and are covered by Medicare and Medicaid, as well as all other prescribed medication needed to treat the patient during their time in hospice care. You can order a kit online or speak with a member of our team to process the order exactly to your requirements.

Not sure if Medicare offers coverage on your hospice medications? Looking for an alternative to brand name drugs? Need a specific prescription quantity that can’t be found on the shelves of big chain pharmacies? Simply call or order online, and we will create the custom prescriptions that you require. You can expect them on your front porch the same day.

We strive to create a meaningful relationship with each of our hospice patients, so do not hesitate to call any day, any time 24/7. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Powerful Medications for Hospice Patients

Thoughtfully chosen hospice medication helps patients manage pain and discomfort during end-of-life care. Wondering what specific medications you or your loved one should be prescribed? Each patient requires prescriptions fit specifically to their needs. Common drugs integral to symptom management include:

  • Acetaminophen
  • Lorazepam
  • Morphine
  • And more

All hospice patients are different, meaning each patient requires a custom approach to their care and the hospice drugs that they are prescribed. So, get in touch to discuss your specific needs. Our team is standing by to help you place your order, but our care doesn’t stop there. We are available at any point during your treatment to guide you through treatment.

Provide Quality Care with a Personalized Hospice Comfort Kit

A hospice comfort kit (also known as a hospice medication kit) is a pack of prescribed medications that are thoughtfully selected to treat the pain, stress, and anxiety of a patient in hospice care. We create custom kits fit to each patient’s needs. Simply call and we will discuss your needs and create the perfect kit delivered right to your door. You can choose to have them delivered immediately or schedule them to arrive at a certain time or consistently.

GPS Pharmacy Solutions’ Unique Approach to Comfort Care for Hospice Patients

We designed our unique approach to medication delivery to serve all hospice-related needs. The moment you order a kit or medication, our drivers are immediately dispatched from the pharmacy to your home. If you don’t need medications the same day, you can even schedule the drop off periodically to ensure that you or your loved one never runs out of their important medications.

Want to discuss symptom management or pain conversion with a pharmacist? Our team is standing by. We have a personal relationship with our hospices, so call us or order online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are always here for you!

The Full-Service Pharmacy That is Just a Phone Call Away

If you are also in need of other pain management or wellness products, we can send them in the same order. Browse our shop for all of your health and wellness medications and products:

Give us a call to discuss any custom needs that you may have for you and your loved ones. We are ready to take your call!