Purchase Your Essential Men’s Health Products and Receive Them the Same Day!

GPS Pharmacy is your home for all the medications and products you need to ensure proper health for men of all ages. Our men’s health product line includes hormone replacement therapy, erectile dysfunction, growth hormone therapy, hair restoration, sexual health supplements for men, prostate support, disease management, healthy weight management, health supplements, men’s health products, and more.

Our sexual health products are compounded to provide faster onset and better results than traditional therapies. Our doses are customized for each male, providing maximum benefits. Call now to discuss your specific needs.

The following are common formulas for men's health, contact GPS Pharmacy at 980-245-2028 for our full list of compounded products.

Anastrazole Capsules

HCG Injection

Injectable Medications


IV Therapy

Men’s Erectile Dysfunction

BiMix (Papaverine / Phentolamine)
TriMix (Papaverine / Phentolamine / Prostaglandin)
QuadMix (Papaverine / Phentolamine / Prostaglandin / Atropine)

Men’s Hormone Replacement Therapy


Sexual Dysfunction

Sildenafil/Tadalafil Troches

Testosterone Injection


Testosterone Replacement Cream

Testosterone Replacement Troche

Weight Loss

Phentermine Capsules