300mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil (Felines & Canines)


Product description:

Ananda Pets provides an optimal distribution of healthy cannabinoids to ensure the proper daily health and wellness of all of your beloved pets. The Ananda Pets vial holds 300 mg of active cannabinoids. Droplets should be administered with the dropper to ensure accurate dispensation for cats and dogs.

Natural ingredients:

The droplets contain: 

  • Ananda Hemp Flower Extract 
  • Sustainably-Sourced MCT Oil 
  • Vegetarian Certified Bacon Flavoring 

Instructions for use:

Squeeze out the proper number of drops directly into the mouth of your pet. Alternatively, add the droplets to their food or a treat.

The number of drops to administer depends on the weight of your pet. Add the number of drops that correlate to the size of your animal:

<5lb = 3 drops 

10lb = 5 drops 

20lb = 10 drops 

30lb = 15 drops 

40lb = 20 drops (this is equivalent to half of the dropper) 

50lb = 25 drops 

60lb = 30 drops 

70lb = 35 drops

80lb = 40 drops (this is equivalent to all of the dropper) 

90+lb = 45 drops 

Benefits of Ananda Pets:

The active cannabinoids of Ananda Pets can help treat all different types of ailments that dogs and cats of all different ages may suffer from. These include:

  • Hip and Joint Mobility 
  • Comfort and Relaxation 
  • Cognitive Function 
  • Allergies 
  • Overall Health and Wellness 

Unique Features:

Completely Non-GMO

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