300mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil (Felines & Canines)


Product description:

The Ananda Pets vial holds 300 mg of active cannabinoids. Droplets should be administered with the dropper to ensure accurate dispensation for cats and dogs.

Natural ingredients:

The droplets contain: 

  • Ananda Hemp Flower Extract 
  • Sustainably-Sourced MCT Oil 
  • Vegetarian Certified Bacon Flavoring 

Instructions for use:

Squeeze out the proper number of drops directly into the mouth of your pet. Alternatively, add the droplets to their food or a treat.

The number of drops to administer depends on the weight of your pet. Add the number of drops that correlate to the size of your animal:

<5lb = 3 drops 

10lb = 5 drops 

20lb = 10 drops 

30lb = 15 drops 

40lb = 20 drops (this is equivalent to half of the dropper) 

50lb = 25 drops 

60lb = 30 drops 

70lb = 35 drops

80lb = 40 drops (this is equivalent to all of the dropper) 

90+lb = 45 drops 

Unique Features:


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